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Ninth Ever US ProMini Golf Association

Hall of Fame Inductee

Olivia Prokopova, Czech Republic

Olivia Prokopova, one of the top competitors today in mini golf will be inducted into the US ProMiniGolf Associations Hall Of Fame October 14, 2017 during the Night of the Masters. Prokopova started playing at the age of three and started competing at the age of seven in the USPMGA US Open junior’s division and was a six time USPMGA junior champion. It was then that USPMGA President Bob Detwiler knew that she would one day become a Champion of the Masters and wear the coveted green jacket.

In 2011, Prokopova ended twelve rounds in the US ProMiniGolf Masters in a tie with Jay Klapper, only to lose in a sudden death playoff by one stroke. In 2012 Olivia at the age of seventeen came back for the US ProMiniGolf Master’s with a revenge on Klapper and beat the defending Master’s Champion by three strokes. During her career she won twelve titles of World Champion in juniors and women’s categories in Hastings, England. She won the first ever China Open in 2009. In 2011 Olivia Prokopova won her first USPMGA Pro Championship title during the US Open in Branson, Missouri where she beat long time competitor Dr. Brad Lebo by one stroke. Olivia has competed in her hometown of Czech Republic where she won the first ever Czech Open and Czech Masters. Prokopova was at the top of her game in 2013 after competing and winning the US Open and the Masters in the same year, then in 2014 Prokopova obtained a very serious injury to her wrist causing her to withdrawal during practice at the USPMGA Masters. After surgery, Olivia Prokopova bounced back like the Champion we all came to know and won the 2017 first place in Hastings, England, then in 2017 Olivia at the USPMGA US Open at Bluegrass Mini Golf in Oceanport, New Jersey was down four strokes going into the final round behind Fred Stewart and ended the round eight strokes over Fred, which was a twelve stroke swing.

Olivia has set a great example on and off the course for other players to emulate, especially the USPMGA juniors who one day will be competing with her. Olivia’s dedication, determination, and desire to be the best in the sport of mini golf has been rewarding and her leadership thru all thus far has made her one of the top players in the World. Also a big thanks to Olivia for her help in being a USPMGA coach for Team USA.