Master’s Division Winners

Congratulations to all the players that finished in the top three in each of the divisions during the Master’s!


In the Teams division Olivia Propokova and Joey Graybeal strolled home with the winning combination.  Both players are Master’s Champions and are always difficult to knock off.   Matt McCaslin, the newest addition to the Hall of Fame and his brother Danny McCaslin held onto second place and Rick Baird and Gary Hester finished third.







In the Super Seniors Division a new Champion was crowned after another excellent performance.  Gary Hester took his first title in his first year of being eligible in the division.  Finishing second was long time player Gary English.  And another newcomer to the division finishing third was John Wilder!

In the Seniors division it was Rainey Statum finishing first,  Rick Baird and Danny McCaslin finished second and third.


In the Amateur Division, once again Vanette Block was solid.  Her experience and determination guided her to another victory in the division.  In Second place was Chris Corcoran and in third was Amanda Farahany!

Congratulation to all three players on their success.













The Continental Division selects twelve players to travel to Europe to play in the World Masters.  It’s a fantastic tournament and a chance for the U.S. players to exhibit their skills in a game that is a little different than here in the United States.  But to each of them congratulations on qualifying for  next years tournament!

The top three in this division were Rick Baird, Gary Hester and Nate Nichols.

The Ladies Of Minigolf

At the Master’s of Mini-golf  this year, it wasn’t all about the men!  Here at the USPMGA the women have an equal playing field.

Time and time again,  the Iron Lady of Mini-golf is at the top of the leaderboards.  She has no fear of her male counterparts and on any given day finds herself near the top in scoring.  Olivia Prokopova is a dominant player in what would appear to be a male sport but enjoys competing with all the guys.

This year she stayed close throughout the whole tournament and in the last round in the final four holes showed her skills, and yes even a break or two.  With the remaining four holes she went ace, ace, deuce, ace to win by two.

Her method of preparing for the big tournaments is very like one of the all time greats of golf,  Ben Hogan!   The Mechanical Man.  If she is having troubles with any given hole she grinds it out and makes sure she has it down before the competition.

In what has been a difficult  year for the entire world, Olivia has had her own obstacles to overcome.  Becoming a Mom this past year and not being able to see her parents, Honza and Libuse because of all the covid restrictions on travel, Olivia has stayed focused on her game and her skills as a world class putter! Congratulations Olivia on your third Master’s Victory!

In the women’s Pro division, in what was her first year at the Master’s, Lisa Cimino finished second to Olivia.  She played great first time out of the gate narrowly beating long time player Barb Mingo! 

In the Amateur division at the Masters’s another great Lady has dominated for several years now.  Vanette Block just keeps on her winning ways.   For years Vanette has accomplished almost everything that she has set out to do.  She has a long list of accomplishments in the US and overseas.   2018 World Adventure Golf Masters in the Czech Republic,  Gold Medalist in the Senior Ladies Division, 2019 World Adventure Golf Masters in Sweden, Silver Medalist in the Senior Ladies Division.  She was also a Member of the US National Team in 2020/2021 (International Competitions that was Cancelled).  For several years she has reigned as the US Masters Amateur Champion.

Congratulations to Vanette on another fantastic Masters!

2021 Master’s Champion

Congratulations to Olivia Sahmel on winning the 2021 USPMGA Master’s

It was an exciting finish to what was a reversal of last years Master’s with Olivia and Rainey Statum going down to the wire!

Final Scores and Divisions


Matthew McCaslin becomes the 14th inductee into the USPMGA HOF

Gruder gives acceptance speech at the Masters Ceremonies!

In what was to be a gloomy afternoon, Matt was a bright light to everyone.  Matt’s family and friends were all there to enjoy the ceremonies.

Congratulations Matt on a great Putting Career and and wonderful speech!

Photos and Plaque

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