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LED Lighting

Changing light bulbs can make a huge difference. You want to see a bulb with a longer lifespan and even bigger savings. LED light bulbs can have a savings of at least 80%. These bulbs run no less than 50,000 hours. Making the switch will just save on the electric bill, some companies will give discounts for being energy efficient.


LED Replacement Bulbs


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C7 is a slightly smaller bulb with a E12 screw base, however size can make a difference in the amount of light it can produce. This item is better if lighting smaller areas. If wanting to brighten up a larger area the C9 is bigger with a E17 screw base.


These bulbs will give a savings of 80%. Both bulbs come in a variety of colors including red, green, blue, purple, yellow, warm white, cool white, orange, pink, warm white slow twinkle, and color changing. Once you pick the color of choice, then chose if the glass of the bulb is plain glass or faceted (cut into a polygonal form). LED Bulbs can be used indoors or outdoors.


If wanting to order strings of the C7 or C9 lights please contact the USPMGA home office. Information located on the contact page.


LED Rope Lighting

If decorating a large area but do not want to see a lot of bulbs hanging around, try the LED rope lights. They are powered the same as any other string of lights and will have a savings of 85%. If getting tired of the same color, rope lighting can be changed when necessary by a simple click of the remote as can pattern and brightness. Rope lighting can be used indoors or outdoors.

Lengths Available in feet: 50, 100, 200, or 1000

Induction Lighting

Induction Lighting

Induction Lights are perfect to light up your golf course or even a dim parking lot. This high end fluorescent flood pole view light will replace a 200W Metal Halide and last 100,000 hours, cutting your power bill in half! The cost for this light is $450.00 per light and your electric company should give you a rebate for putting them in. If buying in bulk (10+ lights) the price will be $395.00 per light!

LED Pole Light

Similar to the induction light, the LED light has a spot light view. This pole light is equivalent to a 400W Metal Halide light. It will run for 50,000 hours.