The Ladies of Minigolf

At the Master’s of Mini-golf  this year, it wasn’t all about the men!  Here at the USPMGA the women have an equal playing field.

Time and time again,  the Iron Lady of Mini-golf is at the top of the leaderboards.  She has no fear of her male counterparts and on any given day finds herself near the top in scoring.  Olivia Sahmel is a dominate player in what would appear to be a male sport but enjoys competing with all the guys.

This year she stayed close throughout the whole tournament and in the last round in the final four holes showed her skills, and yes even a break or two.  With the remaining four holes she went ace, ace, deuce, ace to win by two.

Her method of preparing for the big tournaments is very like one of the all time greats of golf,  Ben Hogan!   The Mechanical Man.  If she is having troubles with any given hole she grinds it out and makes sure she has it down before the competition.

In what has been a difficult  year for the entire world, Olivia has had her own obstacles to overcome.  Becoming a Mom this past year and not being able to see her parents, Honza and Libuse because of all the covid restrictions on travel, Olivia has stayed focused on her game and her skills as a world class putter! Congratulations Olivia on your third Master’s Victory!

In the women’s division, in what was her first year at the Master’s, Lisa Cimino finished second to Olivia .  She played great first time out of the gate narrowly beating long time player Barb Mingo!