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Master’s Week Schedule

United States ProMiniGolf Master’s

October 4-8,  2022

 Schedule of Events

October 4th- NMB Chamber Charity Starting at 2:00PM at Hawaiian Village and continued to Aloha Mini Golf, Dinner & Awards at 6:00PM

October 5th- Pro-Am Charity Event & USPMGA Master’s Opening Ceremony at 6:00PM

October 6th- Players compete 3 rounds at assigned location starting at 8:00AM, lunch, 3 additional rounds at a new assigned location. Dinner also provided by Damon’s Rib at Aloha Mini golf

October 7th- Players compete 3 rounds at assigned location, lunch, all players will compete 1 round at Aloha Mini golf, scores and tee times assigned for the next day

October 8th- Players compete the final 2 rounds at Hawaiian Rumble. Tee times are based on the previous day

October 8th- USPMGA Presents: Night of the Masters at Cali Bakers Firehouse Bar & Grill at 6:00PM

Division Entry Fees: Must have Active Membership

(Entry Deadline October 1, 2022) If you can not make this deadline, you will need to contact Pete or Bob. 

 Masters:$180.00      Women’s:$80.00

  Team (2 person):$60.00   Seniors (50):$80.00 

Super Seniors  (65+): $80.00  

Amateurs:$60.00  & Juniors (12 & Under):$20.00 

 Entry Fee does not include Awards Banquet
Tickets for Banquet are $20.00 per person.

Continental Championship ($50 Entry)-played concurrent with the Master’s of Mini Golf. Competitor will need to enter Continental to be considered for Team USA following year.

Cash Purse $25,000.00 

Hotel Accommodations for Competitors to be announced