World Games 2021

World Games 2021 in Birmingham, AL
The US ProMiniGolf Association (USPMGA) has been working on ways to bring our sport to the next level. As you may already know, one goal is to gain inclusion into the World Games competitions; the next opportunity for this is the 2021 World Games in Birmingham, Alabama.

To accomplish this goal, we need to continue to do two key things:
Continue to increase participation at the major tournaments; this is especially true for the Master’s, which is the flagship USPMGA tournament each year.
Increase the excitement around USPMGA events, especially the Master’s

The reason for this is simple: We are going to be measured by participation and performance at the main annual competition. If a representative of the World Games or a potential sponsor does any research on us, the Master’s will be the first event they look at. Similarly, if they were to visit (by invitation or surprise), the Master’s is the first event they will choose.

As the America(s) representative to the World Minigolf Federation, Bob Detwiler is increasing the excitement for the 2017 Master’s by launching a new Continental Championship. This will be the first ever continental championship for North America and South America in minigolf and will take place concurrent to the main Master’s competition.

It would be great if those of you with friends in the Americas, outside the US, would help promote this event. While Bob and Danielle will continue to do all they can, it will be the players who make it easier for those who are outside the country to commit to playing in this event. For those of you who have travelled to other countries to play, you know that having a contact that can help get local information about rooms and the event makes a huge difference.

Beyond the Continental Championship, there is planning for future national teams. I do not know who will be responsible for selection for the 2018 team and beyond, but I can state that participation at the Master’s is expected to be a factor in team selection. The desire to compete against the top players in the organization is a trait seen in our best players. The Master’s has the largest and most talented fields of all USPMGA events held each year; it makes sense that potential national team members are encouraged to participate in this event.

Looking forward to a great year on tour. Just under six months to the 2017 Master’s event and Continental Championships. Hope to see you out there and safe travels to all.