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Marbleized Putters


These putters have rubber on the contact surface of the putter’s head to speed up the ball and smooth out the ball’s run after contact. Marbleized putters will also save the lifespan of your greens and protects the surroundings of your course. These putters come in variety of lengths including child sizes 19″ & 24,” Adult sizes 30,” 34,” and 37.”

Non-Members $ 13.95 / Members $12.95

*To become a member, fill out a course registration form at top of home page*

NEW! Grips

Mix and Match your color desire with these durable long lasting grips. With more color choices than ever these grips are sure to have your visitors enjoying their putt around your course. Colors include Black, Blue, Dark Green (not pictured) Orange, Red, and Lime Green.

Non-Members $2.50 per grip/Members $2.00  per grip

Golf Balls

Golf BallsAlternate Image1

There are many diverse people in the world. A customer will pick a color based on their personality or mood, if it matches their outfit, or for their favorite team color. Choosing a ball to play can determine one’s confidence when playing your course. USPMGA carries a wide variety of colors including pink, red, orange, green, mint, blue, aqua, black, lavender, and/or yellow. We now have Chromax balls.


Hibiscus Plants


Available in Red, Pink, Orange, & Yellow

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